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The Restoration of the former clan, TAWE!
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TAWE Reborn Server Time
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 Rules & Guidelines

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Co-Founder + Co-Leader of TAWE:reborn
Co-Founder + Co-Leader of TAWE:reborn

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PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:58 pm

Rules & Guidelines

-- You may not disrespect anyone! This includes: Foul-Play, Cursing, Bullying, or ANY form of disrespect against one another. This also includes being outside of the clan, too!

-- Absolutely NO hacking is allowed. Types of hacking include the use of Bots/Scripts/Auto-ers/Filters. Also remember to NEVER share passwords.

-- Do not post personal information or Real-Life situations. Listing your name, Social Networks, age, are exceptions.

-- No you cannot be an Admin/Mod!! Asking will only make us not want to promote you! You will be invited or Promoted at random if we want you to be part of our Team! *This also doesn't mean for you to "Mini-Mod" the site either! We've carefully selected our Admins/Mods & we don't need any further help.

-- You must be an active member! If you have several posts, but you become inactive for 2 months, you will be put in a separate group for inactive Members. However, if you register your account and never post anything, your account will be deleted.

-- You have to be level 30+ to join. The only way you can bypass this Rule is if an Admin/Mod personally knows you or if you were in the original TAWE clan.

-- Please follow the rules & set good examples to others! Remember, clans are supposed to be fun! Let's keep it that way! Very Happy
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Rules & Guidelines
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