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The Restoration of the former clan, TAWE!
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 Yasha's Dream

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Founding/Leading Otaku

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PostSubject: Yasha's Dream   Sun May 15, 2011 10:32 am

This was posted in chatbox,so don't blame me.

[06:43:18 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : *ahem* this was my dream from last nite! <3

[06:47:50 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : it started off i think me not knowing who i was, i remeber a old man taking care of me then i was staying with his grandson. I think i was in China in the future. Wires was hanging all over the pla looked like a dump and this guy gave me his high lvl WoW account(dont know what this had to do with it..) i cant remeber any of the peopel in this places name was Not even the guy that was taking care of me at the time.

[06:48:06 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : I know there was 2 guys and a blonde girl

[06:51:11 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : They lived in a apartment inm the city across the river where we was at. And i knew other men people was after m e but i didnt know why or who nor when they was coming after me..The last things i remeber was me and the one ince guy going throw this weird water park thing filled with sharks behiding glassan u could see them as u went down a slide and after we got done there we walked down sum steps

[06:52:45 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : After getting to the bottom he stoped and talked to a guy that was a friend i was guessing. They got talking about the new WOW account i had so i walked around to explore the place around me and went under the steps we walked on

[06:53:09 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : Looking around i then noticed a guy looking at me as he walked toward me

[06:55:52 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : So i moved to the wall and said "Excuse me" and that seemed to make him look mader and i got scared when he changed directions and started toward me i panced and was climbing under the bar's closeing the stairs off on the other side to my left and as soon as i got under them a guy that was walking behid me tryed to grab at me and i yanked back

[06:56:15 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : I then got up very fast and jumped toward the right

[06:56:32 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : where then both men was chasing me

[06:57:19 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : I remeber thinking this cant be happening and WHy are the chasing me!?

[07:04:09 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : So i ran through the crowd and right pass the nice guy taking care of me as i passed him i heard him yell sumthing out..dont know if to me or to the guys chasing me. but i ran to the edge of the waterfront and only thought about it for a sec befor i jumped in over and downt he 30foot drop. i thought i would never hit the water untill i opend and seen it hit me

[07:05:03 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : i heard the people that gathered around where i had jumped asking the guy i was with if i was crazy..

[07:05:39 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : Didnt hear anythintg but water untill i was miles away form there and when i did i hoped i didnt

[07:07:29 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : A boat feel like inches away form my head zoomed pass and i made eye contect with sumone i thought i a bad way cuz i felt chills and like i was dead now if he got me. right when i stoped swiming ther was ahand over mine that made me grab on to the wqeirdest boat i ever seen and i looked up and it was the old man

[07:07:50 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : I was so releaved to see him i almost cryed

[07:09:17 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : He drove me into the city on his boat cuz there was no roads but stoped at buolding and grabed a wire and threw it up and mad e it catch another wire and told me to climb up and go to my right

[07:09:21 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : So i did

[07:11:42 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : and when i got around and seen a raling i jumped over and seen i was home..or atleast to the 3 people that took care of me..i knocked on the door and when i did the door next to their's open and sound spilled out of the party appartment and a big man with 2 girls hanging over him fell out the hall way

[07:13:37 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : When his drunkin eyes locked to mine he looked as if he had forgoten he had a very importain task untill he saw scared me and when i turned back to knock againt he door opend and there stood the 3 faces i mmissed so bad. I was smiling untill i seen they was not

[07:13:58 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : I seen the hurt and mad in their faces

[07:17:35 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : the blondes face was kind looking and forgiving

[07:18:55 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : The older guy rough guy looked disapointed and the guy that was with me at the waterfront looked very mad.

[07:22:07 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : He yelled at me how i should have jus stayed with him and it would have been ok and that the guys chasing me never gotten passed him that i jumped for no reason thats i could have been eatting up by sharks or ran over by big boats and when i was hanging my head he stoped

[07:22:51 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : Ia sked if i could goto bed and h e said Yes so i walked quickly to my room the nice people gave me

[07:23:04 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : Thinking maybe i should have trrust him

[07:24:46 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : but it was instinct....hows was i to know he could take them guys

[07:24:58 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : ...and how did he take them down??

[07:25:15 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : there was 2 of them and they was bigger

[07:25:45 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : it feels like they hide stuff form me and i wonder why?

[07:25:57 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : i dont know anybody to tell about them

[07:26:11 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : the only places i go is with them..

[07:26:54 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : they said if i remebr anything i should tell them..but how would they know what it is that i remeber?

[07:27:46 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : after thinking hard enough i feel asleep and that was it..The End

[07:45:36 15/05/11] @ Yasha22x : o.o!


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Yasha's Dream
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